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ipfilterX Codename Chronos

March 24th, 2017 | Posted by KarlX in News - (Comments Off on ipfilterX Codename Chronos)

>Date 24/03/2017 >UPDATES: -Blocked Threats: 30 -Updated Threats: 6 -IP Added Record: +3K -Deleted:(-) -Merged/Extended:(14) >COUNTRIES INVOLVED: [_GR-US-AU-UK-IT-CA-RU-UA-FR_] >Parsed lines/entries:22K Found IP ranges:22K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs >IP Count: 550M >Security Levels: GLOBAL:[MEDIUM] – US-IT-UK-AU-CA-FR-GR:[HIGH] ipfilterX2: Duplicates Removed: 0 Merged Ranges: 0 Deny IP Count:[592M] Rules Added:[31K]

University , Peers , and Capitalism

September 8th, 2012 | Posted by KarlX in News - (Comments Off on University , Peers , and Capitalism)

A research made by four British young of Birmingham University arises to lay the groundwork for a kind of truth absolute regarding the monitoring networks operated by many organizations and institutions in the internet . I’ll tell my opinion on this. First, they claim that P2P Networks are monitored precisely by institutions and organizations, agencies …
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January 30th, 2012 | Posted by KarlX in News - (Comments Off on

IpfilterX blocks Anti-P2P companies and the organizations that support them, Corporations, Military Ranges, Government Agencies, Law Firms, P2P spammers and many more. There’s no need to block more than 1 billion of IPs to be protected, overloading further to a certain value will result in banning innocent IP ranges which means legitimate P2P sources, this …
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