>On Tuesday November 3, 2015 ProtonMail was taken offline by an extremely powerful DDOS attack.

The Attack is still on going while we’re writing this post , November 5 .

The attack could be related to recent GCHQ moves against this kind of service.

Even though access is limited, an important thing to note is that our core end-to-end encryption holds strong and is 100% untouched. All user data is fine and safe.

To solve this problem we are working with the top companies and people both onsite in our Swiss data center and from around the world. We are confident we will be back online – we just wish it was sooner rather than later.

For the latest updates, Twitter is the best place to look.

If you or someone you know has experience with mitigating enterprise level DDOS attacks, we welcome your expertise. You can contact us via the following addresses:

Andy Yen:
andy.l.yen [at] cern [dot] ch

Jason Stockman:
hello [at] jasonstockman [dot] com

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