Massive Ddos Attack – Update

Updates :
The Ddos is continuing on and off since 30 Dec ,
tomorrow we shall get a new server .
However the Ddos is related to thousand of BruteForce Login Attempts in the Admin Area
at ,
first we collect all of these ips , after we are going to ban them for good.
This pushed us to post , in some hour or within tomorrow ,
all of these ips , ruled in a file .htaccess for your websites .
Between things :
these idiots should think that we don’t keep ipfilter files and logs and whatever related
in ours official servers , either a single trace to reach them .
You are trying to hack the wrong place and the wrong people ,
yours ips will be blocked and persecuted for a very long time .
Thanks .

A massive Ddos-Attack is putting our server in knee .
We tried few solutions unsuccessfully ,
It’s a continuous and not monitorable DDOS-Attack from hundred
of IPs worldwide !
ipfilterX pissed off some Big Ass ,
being a so large Botnet , We think that there’s a GOV behind this operation .
We expected it .
However we are migrating within some hours .
Sorry for the unconvenient , all will back normal on Monday Evening , GMT+1 .

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!
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