Blocks AntiPiracy , Government, Military, Malware, and many more

ipfilterX2 Video Launch

ipfilterX2 Video Launch

Nexus23 Laboratories
are proud to present you ipfilterX2 ,
the latest and ultimate ipfilter protection in its genre.
ipfilterX2 is ready and is out since new release of ipfilterX ,
codename Empire .

ipfilterX2 contains extended ranges of
MIL, GOV, POLICE, INTEL, Criminals, etc.,
also it includes all ipfilterX ranges .

We can tell ipfilterX2 is
as metaphor compared to a nuclear bomb ,
or to a Net Stealth Fighter Bomber ,
for all users that want to push the ipfilterX
into paranoid mode .

ipfilterX2 is not bundled with ipfilterX ,
After ipfilterX2 requires a separate subscription (2€ more).
You can get both saving 2€ .

Nexus23 Laboratories remind you
to visit
and the twin
to read News and New details
of ours new ipfilterX releases ,
and all the information
that we post every day like :
Cyberpunk , Hacking , RetroFuture ,
Videogames , Internet Security ,
Total Awareness , Science , Cinema .

Thank you for your attention ,
and Good Luck ,
Game is not Over yet !


ipfilterX2 Video Launch


-ipfilterX2 may contain a low amount of false positive though ,

and unused IPs in a wide range network that we contend as criminal .

After all paranoid is a thin (as potentially possible) reality ,

and we noticed that many extended ranges banned resulted as crimeware providers,

so we are doing a great job preventing new menaces coming from the evil deep .