Blocks AntiPiracy , Government, Military, Malware, and many more




>ipfilterHTX is a new blocklist file protection based on ipfilterX
and designed to protect websites and so webservers from many and various threats :

Bruteforce Attackers, Spammers, Malware, File Injection, Wild Exploits, Serial Ddos Attackers , Aggressive Robots, Bad Bots, Known and Unknown Webtools to massive downloads , etc.

Furthermore it contains strings that optimize your website
based on WordPress or Joomla CMS
and that are widely used as protection for many intrusion scans and prelude of an attack .

>ipfilterHTX B4 Free Limited Version
compiled .htaccess with Deny Rules configured by our staff,
with special “Deny Rules” to block most notorious and infamous IP Range and/or unique IPs,
and to kick off evil bots , flooder bots, fake bots, spammer bots , unknown and similar garbage.

Designed for Webserver like Apache and compatible to be converted in Ngix Version.

ipfilterX – Tools on Sourceforge Webpage


1) ipfilterHTX will completely ban an enemy from reaching my website/s ?

– ipfilterHTX (As .htaccess Deny Rules) will block visitors coming from the IPs banned ,
Deny rules are so made, to reject requests based on theses rules ,
but this doesn’t mean that an IP blocked can’t still reach your server
via a ping for example .
However the Visitor IP that’s denied will receive the “Forbidden” error instead of the normal page at that address .

2) All ipfilterX ranges are banned in ipfilterHTX ?

– Absolutely not , an .htaccess file large may make your website sluggish due to the number of rules that your server has to process each time it has to deliver your site’s pages.
So on ipfilterHTX are blocked only most annoying and static serials IPs .

3) There are free Deny Rules in some website why we shouldn’t use that ?

-For the same reason that you won’t use overbloated blocklists , not updated , and maintained only to write something on certain security websites oldest than the Charlot’s Jacket .