ipfilterX Codename Lane

>Date 04/10/2013

>Updates : New AntiP2P Orgs Ranges, New Botnet CnCs, Ddos Attackers, Malvertising, Tracking Agencies, Spammers, Updated GOV Ranges

>Removed and Corrected some IP range


>>>Parsed lines/entries:10K Found IP ranges:10K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>>>>IP Count : 582K

>>>>>Security Rating : 4/5

>>>>>>Codename : Lane

-We profit of this new release post to remind
that our Login Area changed path ,
so those subscribers that didn’t have time to read the details
may send an eMail to our support team writing their ipfilterX username.

-Also we remind for Website Owners and Webservers Admins of our new service/product :
ipfilterHTX , Visit its webpage to read further about it .

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