ipfilterX B27 : Codename Wolff

>Date 02/05/2012

>Updates : Malware Ranges, DNS Malware, Unfair Hosting, GOV Info Securities, Spoofers, FloodBox Machines, ADS eConsulting Firms, Spammers

>NEW R.E.M.* : Shape focusing on Malware and Unfair Hosting in Big Ranges


>>>Parsed lines/entries:8480 Found IP ranges:8473 Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>>>>IP Count : 604,898,413

>>>>>Security Rating : +++++

>>>>>>>ipfilterX2 : Duplicates Removed: 0 Merged Ranges: 0 Deny IP Count: [621,896,374] Rules Added: [15414]

>>>>>>>>*=X.R.E.M. = Removing Extraction Method : ipfilterX “shape focusing technique” used to remove large ranges obsolete and focus only on specific areas of the same ranges, thanks to the introduction of this new method we can block only specific segments of the common ranges and leave out all the rest.
Since this version you can notice that ranges number increased while their IP Count decreased considerably.

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