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ipfilterX FAQ

ipfilterX ipfilterX  FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions :quakecy

1) Why to subscribe to your blocklist when there are lists less expensive, 3 lists for same price, or free ?

– Basically our reply lies on the fact that quality is better than quantity, as in market you can buy some item cheapest but it is proved that it can not be good as a same item most expensive only because the expensive one is built with finest quality than that cheapest .Although here we are not talking about an “expensive item”, 10$ or 8 € are affordable nowadays for anyone who uses a computer in the net . And if you get a look to our changelog you can see how many times we give updates, and fast support to ours customers , can you tell the same for the others lists ?
At last , we can tell that nowadays the story of the expensive blocklist subscription is a myth.
There are average blocklists out there much more expensive than ipfilterX ,
so we don’t have something to be sorry when we work for a low price compared to high kind of service.

2) Your list involve countries where there are less intrusive actions from institutions over Internet users , why that ?

– First we don’t involve “countries” but their institutions and/or companies,agencies that work over their territories . For example , if you claim us that we ban a few of argentinian ranges it does not mean that we ban a whole country . It is demonstrated that AntiP2P companies and Government Institutions pay to spy on users also in different countries than their own . Prevention is most of time the best cure .

3) When a range is dismissed by its owner do you continue to ban it ?

– Constantly we check on this to avoid redundant ranges or to ban a new innocent owner of the range dismissed .

4) Do you suggest to use it in Peerblock or PeerGuardian or loading it in the P2P Client that supports it ?

– It depends on where you are downloading and/or uploading files , one or the other are a valid choice .

5) Is it important to update ipfilterX ?

– It’s very important to keep it updated , we find new ranges daily and also we remove old useless ranges or what we consider no more menaces for your privacy . It’s like an antivirus works , an antivirus not updated can not protect you from menaces that rise from the abyss constantly and daily .
Generally we release an update any 5 or 7 days max .

6) Are we safest using an ipfilter that bans tons of ranges more than ipfilterX ?

– Absolutely not . Often and almost always collecting too much means get nothing , and this can not give results of benefits for the P2P Networks because it means that into tons of ranges there are tons of false positives , users , like you that are sharing files and want to be an active part of the information wealth .

7) What’s the difference between ipfilterX and a VPN , is it convenient to use a VPN rather than ipfilterX ?

– Most VPN providers have a disclaimer which excludes the use of their services for P2P traffic of an any type and kind. Many VPN servers got suspended lately by hosting providers due to DMCA complaints, so VPN services are very average or useless regarding P2P/torrent traffic. Plus , consider that although you could find such a VPN to use for your P2P needs it won’t speed up your downloads either uploads, all the opposite thing .
VPN won’t block any P2P Flooder , P2P Spammers , and fake P2P sources, these bad connections will waste your bandwidth and will slow considerably your download/upload, further to be in a service like VPN that is already slow in its nature .
And at last an average VPN service cost is about 6 dollars per month, instead ipfilterX cost is about 10 dollars per year .

8) Does ipfilterX increase download and upload speed in P2P Connections ?

-Yes , it does . Avoiding connections to bad , evil , peers , bogus networks , AntiP2P enemies , Flooders , Attackers , etc.
ipfilterX rejects all of them , saving your bandwidth , otherwise wasted by useless data, and so connecting you to the right peers
your files have a safest and secure way to be transferred and completed .

9) How can we know the details about who has been added or removed from ipfilterX ?

– You can read details , release notes, changelog, in the Subscriber Area . Public Release Notes contain only generic titles and categories not the real target names of the blacklisted IP Range Owners .

10) Searching keyword to get your ipfilterX Websites another website comes first in results , what about it ?

– The only websites allowed to interact with users and offer real subscription to ipfilterX are : or , or

and ,

all the rest that could appear in the results is a scam and unfair behavior
of websites that have no dignity and respect , qualities that are everything in the privacy field ,
a real delicate matter as you well know if you are reading this .

11) I’m totally safe using ipfilterX ?

– No , not totally , but still it can decrease considerably and drastically chances to be monitored by your enemy.
Until now no one that used it has been victim of Law Offices , Law Firms , Government , AntiP2P Companies , etc.
It’s also protect you from Malware Sources , Attackers , Flooders , etc.
Also an excellent Antivirus can not protect users in full Net Experiences but this does not mean that users should not use one .
It’s not the final defense either it claims to be it but considering the cost and the worth why you should not use it ?