DAEDALUS through NICT-DarkNet

If you miss those great 1990s movies in which cyberspace
runs amok,you’ll get a kick out of this video
of a real-life system for monitoring cyber-attacks.

(Direct Alert Environment for Darknet And
Livenet Unified Security)
cyber-alert system has been in the making
for several years,but now the developer has posted
a cute video, to show you what it looks like.
According to its creators, DAEDALUS works
by detecting threats via large-scale monitoring
of the internet’s unused IP addresses,
which NICT calls the “darknet.”
As you can see in the video,
there’s a giant blue globe at the center of the screen,
which represents the internet.
Orbiting this ball are a series of circles
which represent networks under observation.
Each circle displays in blue the proportion
of the network containing active IP addresses
and in black those that aren’t in use.
Alerts are displayed, allowing the user
to click through to get more information
about the potential attack ,
that is unless they’re so distracted
by the awesome cyberpunk visuals that they fail to act.


NICT Daedalus Cyber-attack alert system

DigInfo TV – http://diginfo.tv

13/6/2012 Interop Tokyo 2012

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